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I wanted to share with you a huge success story as your expertise and online videos played a big role. In addition to the Maccabi team, I am managing the Wellwood Majors Orioles team. We have not been hitting the ball very well and only scored 1, 3 and 5 runs in our first 3 games. Before practice on Tuesday, I watched Impact’s video on batting balance.

Then at practice, I gave each player a blown up balloon and asked them to put it between their legs and swing the bat without dropping the balloon. They all thought it was silly until I had them hit batting practice with the balloon between their legs. Like magic, they started hitting the ball. Everyone was happily surprised.

End result: Tonight we beat the other team 12-5. Two of my best hitters who had not gotten a hit in the first 3 games, got on base several times. One with a triple and the other with a grand slam. Many others were hitting the ball. I credit that to Impact Sports. You guys are amazing at what you do and I am a true believer in you.

On a personal note, my son, Zach is a much more confident and effective player after attending your fall camp 2 years ago and your winter camp this year. Thank you again for all that you do for the young baseball players of today. If you ever need a testimonial or my assistance talking to other coaches, I would be happy to share my story.
— Jeff Ostrow, Wellwood Travel Coach
  • My two sons have attended Impact baseball clinics and customized individual sessions for the past two years. Not only have their skills improved, but their knowledge, confidence and passion have grown.
    — Cam Melchiorre, Loyola Parent
  • Thanks so much for the Fall Ball program. Gideon really got a lot out of it —we were playing catch earlier this week, and I’ve noticed how much of a stronger arm he’s gained from the training!
    — David Morley, RPBL Parent
  • Colin asked me to pass along his good news-he made the Loyola Varsity team! He is psyched. Thanks for all your help and support-you really made a difference with his batting.
    — John Stanton, Loyola Parent
  • You run a fantastic program and my son loves it!
    — Frances Micciche
  • Thank you again for being such an amazing influence. My husband and son rave about your positive approach! Thomas really needed it and he is very excited with all he is learning.
    — Kate Magnusson
  • Clearly you were successful in fixing my son’s throwing motion! Today his coaches asked him if he would consider pitching.
    — Harry Brigham
  • You know the boys are loving the baseball clinic when Charlie woke up to a rainy day and wanted to play anyway. He certainly is fired up thanks to your program!
    — Glenn Godin
  • Impact's instructors take a real interest in getting to know each student and his needs and abilities. My son enthusiastically looks forward to each camp and clinic.
    — Tony Culotta, Loyola School Parent
  • Impact Sports recently conducted a baseball clinic for our Play Baseball program. The kids loved the enthusiasm and knowledge that Impact Sports brought to the program. I would highly recommend them for any program that you may be planning in the future.
    — Bob Wall, Director, Baltimore City Parks and Rec
Thank you.

Thank you for teaching our son better baseball and for making it fun to learn. This year, Logan has really come out of his shoes in his all-around approach to baseball, including his role on an 11-12 LTRC in-house team.

LG has been moved near the top of the lineup, he is motivating and encouraging teammates, he is hitting the cover off the ball (with an inferior bat I might add), he is making plays in the field, and his overall baseball mindset and sportsmanship is making the experience better all-around.

First, as a hitter...his form is great and his confidence is booming. He has already driven several balls to the outfield, in the air!! At one point, the opposing pitcher was throwing smoke, striking out every batter, and then WHAM, on a 3-2 Logan belted one into the gap in right and started a rally. He has 2 doubles in 10 at bats and a few singles too (he’s batting .500). He is working the count and his strike zone awareness has improved immensely.

Next, as a base runner, he is being aggressive and successful running the bases. We started calling him “Wheelz” (not sure if we can make it stick). At one point, he was moving so fast, he over-slid the bag and was tagged out as he lost his balance, but that didn’t stop him next time and he learned to slide earlier.

Moreover, his mechanics and awareness in the field (as an outfielder) are greatly improved. He has made a few spectacular catches, but his willingness and ability to hit the cut-off, and direct the other outfielders into position, have really impressed his coach and his family.

Lastly, as a catcher, he makes trips to the mound to calm his pitchers, he is working the hitters, and he is making plays behind the plate (almost threw out a guy). He is catching some of our best and hardest throwing pitchers with the confidence Impact Sports built up in him.

Thanks again for the hard work and dedication you put into making Impact Sports a success and for giving my son the tools he needs to be successful AND have fun. We’ll be back for Summer camp and I forwarded your hitting camp email to parents of Logan’s teammates. Many of the parents have remarked how amazing his hitting is going this season and we always credit Impact Sports.
— Mark Zeller, LTRC parent
I brought him to Impact to work on pitching. It was the right choice.

Their attention to detail and innovative training techniques reworked his throw from the ground up.

What neither of us expected was how much he absolutely loved it!

There are few natural teachers out there, and even fewer that delve into the arena of sports mechanics, but these guys are unquestionably some of the best.
— Alex Menkes, Park School Parent
Since our son Mark started working with the Impact team, he has experienced significant improvement, in terms of strength, cardio, mechanics, and confidence. The program is challenging and the instruction is exceptional.
— Kathy Gray, Boys Latin Parent
My son Jacob’s skills have improved exponentially after the Winter Clinic. It was clear how much the people at Impact made a difference with Jacob’s performance once he started playing on a team.

Their rapport and communication with the kids and with the parents is fantastic. The staff at Impact developed Jacob’s skills beyond what I would have been able to teach him, focusing on details and training methods in a manner that is well received by my son.
— David Grossman, Friends Lower School Parent
  • As teachers, Phil and I have both been enormously impressed with Impact’s approach.

    You’ve broken the mechanics of pitching down step-by-step for Jake, allowing him both to understand in terms of body mechanics what his form should look like in each moment and to work to improve each aspect of it in a sequential way; as a result, Jake has built both confidence and skill.

    The level of positivity (from all of you!) is contagious—in a very short amount of time, you’ve built the kind of relationship with Jake where Jake respects you greatly and feels quite comfortable asking you questions when he struggles.

    You guys have exceeded our expectations in every way.
    — Julie Bierman, Roland Park Baseball Parent
  • Brett and the rest of the Impact team have made incredible progress with our son. They make learning the fundamental skills fun and exciting with the infectious energy and playful nature that works well with players learning the fundamentals.

    Their private instruction has taken my son from a challenged learner to a confident player able to play with older kids and has resulted in a significant increase in self-esteem.

    Without reservation, we recommend Impact to those looking for a way to successfully teach fundamentals and improve self-confidence in a great environment for young players.
    — Kurt Overton, Roland Park Baseball Commissioner and Coach
  • Attending the Impact programs were instrumental in helping my son develop his baseball skills for the season. He was among the top players on his team in nearly every offensive category.

    The Impact Sports coaches are knowledgeable, patient, and highly skilled in motivating children. The camps and clinics were so impressive, my son asked to receive private instruction.

    We’re looking forward to this year’s clinics; we’ll be there.
    — Baruti Kopano, RedBirds Parent
  • Cameron started working with Impact Clinics about 2 months ago. I have seen major improvement on his hitting, throwing and fielding technique. The results oriented approach is unmatched by any camp or clinic Cameron has ever attended.

    He tells me after every session how much he likes the fact that he is finally learning proper technique. I have taken Cameron to numerous baseball instructors who probably have just a little more experience than myself. Those sessions usually involve the instructor throwing or hitting buckets of balls for an hour and not focusing on correct form.

    It’s nice as a parent to know that the instruction he is getting is from guys who have played baseball at the highest level and know what it takes to make the game fun and enjoyable. Cameron is always excited to show me what he has learned when we go out to practice at home.

    The focus on attention to detail by Brett is reflected in the attention Cameron puts into doing things the right way.
    — Mike Rudasil, Fallston Baseball Parent
My son recently attended a Fall Impact Clinic. He learned a lot and really had fun. The Guys at Impact are organized and on point with their mechanics.

The best part, I must say, is listening to the Impact team give motivational speeches to the kids; I found myself wanting to be 10 again so I could participate.

Impact clinics are a must for any kid who truly loves the game of baseball.
— Scott Rifkin, RPBL Parent
Thanks again for all your efforts with Will. It’s really paying off, if only in terms of his confidence.

He came home from his workout with you guys today “stoked”. He said he’d improved his skills more in the past two months than he has in the 7 years he’s played in his recreational league.

Thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts
— Martha Marani, RP Baseball Parent
Thanks again for the Fall Ball program.

Evan really liked it and I appreciated that you focused more on the actual skills instead of just throwing them out in a field and saying have fun.

I actually think that he will give Tee Ball another try this year.
— Kelly Applefeld, RPBL Parent
As a mother of an athlete who plays multiple sports and has had a variety of coaching and camp experiences, I highly recommend Impact Sports!

The Impact team has developed a magic formula that helps children of all ages and abilities develop their fundamental skills in baseball while having a great time!

Whether in the small group clinics or one-on-one lessons, Impact breaks down the intricacies of baseball into digestible chunks, and then they explain, demonstrate, let the children try, and provide immediate helpful feedback. The feedback is always constructive and geared towards helping each child improve no matter where they start in terms of ability.

My son has said, “Mom, I really like Impact because they are ALWAYS so positive.” Given the craziness of youth sports…how can we ask for anything more?
— Kathy Forbush, Friends School Parent
I wanted to send a quick note of thanks to you and your coaches. George has really enjoyed the workouts and is also enjoying some extra pop in his bat.

He was 4-4 yesterday with two doubles. And although he will tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, George definitely has a stronger-looking swing and better posture at the plate (something about his hips that you corrected on the first day?).

Many thanks, and we look forward to future clinics!
— Kelly Turner
My son absolutely loves your Fall baseball camp.

The level of instruction is outstanding (much better than the coaching we parents give them in little league), and the organization and administration of the camp are both extremely smooth.

I also love that you stress respect and love for the game, which promotes excellent behavior among our young athletes.

Your clinics and camps represent the model that all youth sports training should follow. Isaac can’t wait until Winter baseball camp starts in January.
— Gary Mitchell, RPBL Parent
  • A refreshing change in today’s era of over-the-top, hyper competitive youth sports, Impact represents everything that is right about learning a sport and learning it well. The directors, former division I college stars and pro players, are highly knowledgeable, always upbeat and marvelous with kids.

    They remain remarkably patient with the non-athlete, while pushing the natural athlete to attain an even higher level of performance. They teach fundamentals of every facet of the game, not just the “glamorous” things like hitting and pitching. From proper running mechanics to the latest conditioning drills to the subtleties of bunting to the footwork of turning a double-play- these guys teach it all.

    They take full advantage of technology, using videotape analysis and speed guns to give kids quick, personalized feedback, along with detailed suggestions for improvement. They teach kids the value of working hard to grow as an athlete, yet the camps and clinics are so much fun, participants don’t see any of it as “work”.

    My sons have been attending Impact camps and clinics for the past three years and have loved every one! They are far better baseball players, better athletes in general, and, more important, better sports for having attended these fantastic programs.
    — Brian Rollfinke, Friends School Parent and Coach
  • Coach Dave is so much more than a hitting instructor. While his sessions help players make consistent and powerful contact with the ball and increase batting averages, his work on plate discipline, pitch identification, mental attitude and the art and science of hitting is what turns hitters into all-stars. Coaches notice boys who work with Coach Dave because they don’t just hit the ball, they have been trained to have a “quality at bat” each and every time they are at the plate. Coach Dave also has a unique ability to communicate sophisticated hitting concepts in a way that is fun and effective for players of all ages. Players don’t even know they are learning – they are too busy having a blast. Coach Dave can help any athlete – no matter size, athletic ability or experience – add value to his baseball team at the plate.
    — Staci Shelley, Calvert School Parent
  • I wanted to thank you for providing my son and his teammates an amazing baseball experience. Impact Sports’ ability to create a camp specifically designed around our group’s interests and needs was incredible. Coach Steve was great with the boys, and everyday they could look forward to gaining skills and confidence, while having a great time playing the sport they love. Thank you for working with me to design a truly amazing baseball camp experience. I know my son will remember this experience with happiness forever. Thanks for helping make a big difference to a lot of boys!
    — Holly McAslan
  • After years of my son being coached by nice but less than skilled coaches (one being me) or coaches that that focus on the negatives, I feel fortunate to have discovered the coaches at Impact Sports Baltimore. They are blessed not only with the talent to observe, analyze and coach the mechanics and mindset in young baseball players but have the unique ability to have the focus and pay attention to detail. The kids love them, the coaches are positive influences, and I have never seen my son try harder to do better than when he is working with them.
    — Steven Wolchinsky, Friends School Parent