Waiver of Liability


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I agree to let my son/daughter participate in Impact Sports programs. I understand that physical exertion may occur during participation in Impact Sports programs, and I verify that my child has no known physical disabilities or health problems which would create any risk based on his/her participation. In consideration of the enrollment of my child, I do hereby, for myself, my spouse, and my said child or children, release from any claims and covenant not to sue Impact Sports or any Agent, Servant or Employee thereof, or any sponsor, for damages of any kind, including personal injuries of any nature which might be sustained by my child, children or any member of my family as a spectator in connection with any activity of Impact Sports, or on premises during Impact Sports functions. I permit the use of any photos, slides, films, or sketches of my child taken during Impact Sports programs for publicity, advertising, promotion or other commercial purpose of Impact Sports. The above agreements are binding on my heirs, successors, assigns, administrators and executors.