Softball Team Training

Bring An Impact Coach To Your Practice!

Coaches must focus on team management, forcing them to labor over lineups, team bunt plays, emails, team chemistry and other endless tasks.  Many hard working coaches find that they have little time for individual player development, making it difficult to fix slumps, make mechanical adjustments, assign specific drills to players, and address athlete weaknesses that need time and repeated effort to improve.

Let Impact's experienced instructional staff take over the development task with our motivational, upbeat approach that kids love!  We focus on long term improvement for each athlete on your team, regardless of wins and losses. Sign up today to reserve your time for pre-season and in-season training!

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team training rates *

2 Hour Team Practice
1 Practice $250
2+ Practices $225
6+ Practices $200
10+ Practices $175

* Families can pay individually online upon request.

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Full Practice - Am Impact instructor can plan and execute a two hour practice for your team, emphasizing any team weaknesses, skills, or situations. Instructors can also be utilized by working with kids individually or in groups on the side of team practices.

Impact coaches work hard to provide the best possible instruction at your convenience. Cancellations happen, but when they do, we greatly appreciate 24 hours notice. To be fair to all our other athletes and instructors, lessons cancelled within 24 hours are nonrefundable.