Practice Plan F.A.Q.'S

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How does this system work?

  • Impact's new software allows our professional instructors to objectively rate individual flaws in an athlete's swing mechanics (just like we do in lessons). By highlighting the biggest weaknesses in an athlete, our software can predict the skill concept gaps that are holding that athlete back from improvement. Our software then gives athletes a personal concept video to master for the week based on their biggest weaknesses, and two drill videos that help to improve that skill. 

How can my athlete get the most out of this and best use the plan?

  • To get the most out of this personalized workout plan, athletes should watch the skill concept video to understand exactly what concept they are trying to add in their swing. Athletes should then watch the selected drill videos and perform them each for 5-10 minutes per day with a mental focus on mastering the concept covered in the video. If athletes are able to master one skill concept per week over the next 12 weeks, based on their weaknesses, they should see results in their mechanics!

My athlete is struggling with this week's skill.  Can I get lessons to supplement this plan?

  • Absolutely, one of our professional instructors would be happy to help your athlete with this week's focus.  Simply email us at to find a time!