Our Story


As life-long athletes and educators, we noticed a trend in today’s instructional coaching: kids are either being scolded and yelled at to get better, and/or their coaches are teaching them skills that aren't beneficial to their long term development. Kids burn out easily and shut down with this type of coaching, making it hard for them to succeed. Knowing how ineffective and negative coaching like this can be, we decided to start a movement to make sure kids acquired the proven proper skills while at the same time having fun and learning the life lessons that sports teaches. 

We at Impact Baseball believe that if a kid has the desire, attitude, and skill base, they can go as far as they want. The process should be fun and should integrate with life learning, and kids should be empowered rather than scolded. We also believe that kids should strive to improve themselves in their sport, just as they should in all aspects of their lives.

Our History

Impact began as a series of free clinics and, as popularity grew, we began offering camps and even more clinics. People responded well, and Impact kept growing and evolving to meet the community's needs. In the past five years since Impact's creation, we have offered a total of fifty camps and clinics and one thousand lessons (each lesson averaging an hour).

Most notably, Impact has hosted camps with Manny Machado, had a visit from the MLB commissioner, and has partnered with local little leagues like RPBL, Towsontowne, TRC little league, and Baltimore Parks and Recreation.