Softball Lessons & Individual instruction

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What can impact lessons do for my athlete?

Individual and Group Lessons are great for athletes looking to build confidence, improve mechanics, and achieve their personal goals. Impact's instructional staff takes pride in getting noticable results as early as the first session. Book a lesson today! Email Coach Joyce at

Our Lessons Feature:

  • Personalized Instruction: Instruction and instructors that fit each athlete
  • Video Analysis Feedback: Slow-mo feedback and other training tools 
  • Consistent Improvement: Tracking results and planning the next steps to improve
  • Multiple Coaching Styles: Different coaching backgrounds, same philosophy 
  • Instructor-Parent Follow Ups: Constant instructor communication with parents
  • Weekly Drills and Homework: Personalized training homework for athletes
  • Focus on What Counts with Youth Athletes:  Confidence building, clarifying crucial skill concepts, proper mechanical training, and relieving slumps.


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Impact coaches work hard to provide the best possible instruction at your convenience. Cancellations happen, but when they do, we greatly appreciate 24 hours notice. To be fair to all our other athletes and instructors, lessons cancelled within 24 hours are nonrefundable.


How Do I pay?

  • You can pay online or with check.

What are the differences among individual, group, and team lessons?

  • Individual lessons are instruction by an instructor for one athlete. Group lessons are instruction by an instructor for two or more athletes. Team lessons are instruction by an instructor for an entire baseball team. 

When are lessons offered?

  • Lessons are offered all year long.

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