Practice to be excellent!

As I have learned throughout my athletic career and life, practice is the route to being successful in any endeavor! When I say practice I do not just mean to attend your teams practice or do the provided assignments that were given as practice. It takes much more than that to become excellent in something. I can remember as a kid growing up with a younger brother, Coach Stephen, how much we went out and just played baseball because we loved it. It was so much fun to go out in the yard a practice making diving plays, hitting homers, and striking out pretend batters. Practice was FUN which made us fall in love with this great game. In baseball it takes thousands of quality repetitions in all skills of baseball to become a solid player. I kid you not, we went out and practiced everyday we could. We were also fortunate to have access to a baseball field within feet of our house. After school and homework of course, before team practice, after practice, on weekends, and time in between you could find us on that field or in our yard getting our reps in a fun way. We challenged each other to make the plays, shake it off when didn't, and stay focused on the next one always. We celebrated when we made sick plays or smashed one in batting practice. Most importantly our parents never got mad at us if we made errors or didn't get a hit. This allowed to us to be fearless when we played, which made us better players and people for it. I try to encourage every athlete I come encounter with to practice on their own as often as they can or choose to. We all have some extra time in our day to commit to something we love. If you love something enough you must be willing to practice in order to grow. Practice to be excellent instead of trying to be perfect! In baseball and in life you are going to experience a tremendous amount of adversity. Remember to stay positive and always look forward to the next play or challenge. When you make mistakes, take a second to think of how you can do better instead of dwelling on the actual mistake itself. Never give up and focus on doing things the correct way instead of just getting things done. And most importantly always do it because you enjoy it, have FUN!

-Coach Dave