Improve Balance in Hitting to Increase Power

When I learned to be more more balanced in hitting my power boosted tremendously. I tell all my athletes that balance equals power, which is true in all sports. In order to generate a great deal of power you must be in a balanced athletic position to start. Think about it; if a boxer where to stand on one foot and fight would he be able to throw effective punches? No, he would absolutely get knocked out. When hitting make sure you have a solid foundation in the batters box. Take your time setting up, you don't want to rush greatness! 

Balance Drill: Hold that Finish (Soft Toss Drill)

  • Have the hitter get ready to hit soft toss.
  • After their first swing have them freeze in their finish fighting to stay balanced. The best way to describe might be to say, "finish in the Ken Griffey Jr. pose".
  • From the frozen finished position, you will say NOW!
  • The hitter will quickly rewind, using the wrists to get the bat back up to their shoulder and not wrapping it over their head to restart.
  • As they get back to restart you will toss the next ball.
  • The hitter's job is to maintain balance, focus, and confidence in order to hit the next ball.
  • Remind the hitter to keep thighs tight, hands loose, and head still on the ball.
  • I usually will do sets of 5 balls before a short break. If the hitter struggles go slower.

I hope you find this helpful when working on being a more balanced hitter. It is important to take the hitter out of their comfort zone to challenge them to fight for improvement. This drill will do just this. Have fun!


-Coach Dave