Travel BP Program 2018

This camp is ESSENTIAL for athletes playing on a travel team this fall. Impact's Live BP hitting clinics are the perfect way for athletes to get extra professionally eyed swings to prepare for their travel ball games. Athletes will rotate through live BP pitching on the big field, cage reps, live fielding, base running techniques, and more. We aim to have athletes walking away from sessions confident in their swings and mentally prepared with a good approach! 

Program Highlights

  • Live batting practice music and relaxed pre-game atmosphere
  • Inspirational speeches tailored to to get athletes in a positive, confident mindset
  • "Approach of the day," introducing athletes to next level plate approaches based on situations
  • Weekly base running situational walk-throughs to take into a game
  • Fits perfectly with day of team practices: is less intensive and more individually focused 
  • Rotation stations with live BP, cage swings, live defense, whiffles, and more
  • Professional Impact instructors 
  • PLUS: 30-minute individual lesson for use throughout season with a coach (best used when an athlete is in a slump)


9 - 12 and currently playing on a travel team

Dates & Times


* Each 30 min lesson will be scheduled individually


Medfield Heights Park baseball field



What to bring

  • All baseball gear (helmet, bat, batting gloves, glove)
  • Athletic shorts and sneakers optional
  • Water or sports drink


Will this be too much for my athlete if they are already playing fall baseball?

This program is designed for athletes who are playing weekend fall ball.  Athletes who practice with their teams on Friday or Saturday will benefit from the added individual reps and personal mental approaches that are seldom covered in team practices.  These workouts are much more relaxed and won't wear an athlete out for game day, but will instead aim to elevate their confidence and get them a solid feel for the sweet spot of their bat. 

Can I participate in this program if I already play on another baseball team?

Yes! This program is meant for supplemental for development.

How can I schedule my 30 minute "slump buster" lesson?

You can schedule your 30 minute slump buster lesson either directly with coaches at the BP session, or by emailing us at  We can setup a lesson from there to get you out of your slump!  

What if a session is cancelled due to weather?

An additional Saturday is reserved as a back-up day for rescheduling any cancelled sessions.

My son is barely over/under the age range for this program. Can he/she still participate?

We may allow older or younger athletes to participate depending on how comfortable they are playing at a travel team level. This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at with inquiries regarding your athlete.

What should my athlete wear/bring with them to camp?

Athletes should wear baseball pants or shorts and a comfortable tee shirt to games, and bring cleats or turfs as well as all their baseball equipment. 

Have another question? Send us a quick email and we'll get back to you!