Impact Corporate Coaching

Bond your corporate team with actual coaches

Individuals don’t win games. Teams do.

So how do you improve your team to win?

Teams must be challenged together. Teams must learn to communicate. Teams must get over the past mistakes and issues and look to the future.

These are the factors that create trust.. with the result being a tight machine-like-unit who work together towards goals and don’t give up.

In baseball, coaches can’t control the players in the field or control the talent… what great coaches do is BUILD TRUST. That’s how you win.

What can Impact Coaches do for you?

For the past 10 years, our coaches have taken pride in challenging athletes to achieve for their teammates. The same dig-deep challenges, out-of-the-box team building activities, and passion infused lessons that we teach to athletes can be taught to your team to get team-like results.

As lifelong players and coaches, we’ve been there. From clutch walk off home runs in front of thousands of fans to closing a one run lead with the bases load, we know what stressful situations look like and how important building teamwork is.

Our coaches will come to your office to motivate your team through two hours worth of team building challenges, all with relentless energy.

If your team is looking to hit longterm goals this quarter, there’s no better investment than getting outside the norm and using sports for what they were intended to do: Build strong teams that last.

CORPORATE COACHING COST: $150 per employee

To schedule email us an We guarantee positive results at all of our events or money back.


  • Sales Events, Trade Shows and Presentations: We’ve found that to be successful coach, you must be assertive, engaging, and inspirational... all traits learned from years on the ball field. Our professional coaches own these traits and know how to command attention in any room. For companies looking to bring attention to their brand, you won’t find a group that brings a better face to challenge your customers to be their best with your product. We partner with companies to do live demos, get attention at trade shows, and do live presentations all to get eyes and minds on your offerings, all planned for you. If you haven’t seen any of our coaches in action, schedule us for a meeting to understand the presence we can bring to your event.

    • COST: $2,000

To schedule email us an We guarantee positive results at all of our events or money back.



Coach Dave Miele

Coach Dave played collegiate baseball at Shepard University and was a college coach at Frostburg State. Dave is described by teammates as “a true leader: the type of teammate that everyone turns to at crunch time”. Dave has one true inspirational mission in life: to dig out the passions of individuals so that they can give 100% in everything they do because THEY want it.


Coach Greg Ross

Coach Greg played collegiate ball at Frostburg State University and played 10 years of professional baseball, making it to double A. His biggest moment was being called up to AA to close a game in the bottom of the 9th, which he owned. Coach Greg is a professional in every sense of the word, showing others what a TRUE game face looks like, and how to bear down and get results, no matter what.


COach Brett LInnenkohl

Coach Brett played ball at Wake Forest University and earned an MA in Psych and Counseling at Johns Hopkins University. Brett started Impact Baseball 10 years ago, using his networking skills to grow Impact’s customer base zero to thousands in a few short years. Brett is an expert and conflict resolution by digging to the core of relationship issues so that teams can forget the past and move toward the goal.


  • Thank you so much for doing the coaches clinic last weekend. I thought the information that you and Dave presented to the T-Ball and International League coaches was so helpful. It was just the right balance of baseball fundamentals with realistic expectations for coaching 5-8 year old kids. I’ve had a chance to see your Impact team in action several times now, and I’m constantly impressed — especially with your ability to relate to what young kids need to be passionate about baseball (starting with enthusiasm). Thank you again for a great clinic.
    — Jack Boyd, RPBL coach
  • As always, very much enjoyed the coaches clinic session last Saturday morning. Thanks also for the coaches video library links and information. I am going to email the glove video one to the parents of my team this year because I think that will be super helpful!
    — David Clapp, RPBL coach
  • The part that I attended was really good. They were spot on with their emphasis on the importance of making the practices fun and competitive and to keep them moving. I think that the Masters in child psychology was put to good use here.
  • Brilliant idea exposing the parent coaches, who have varying degrees of a baseball background, to this impactful (no pun intended) group. Frankly, this program has been needed for a long time. Loved everything about the meeting. Picked up a handful of helpful coaching tips that I implemented at my first practice and will take into the season. Thanks for all you do for the league!
  • I thought it was phenomenal! Great information! Thank you for having that!
  • I thought the coaches clinic was time well spent. The instructors were very knowledgeable. They had many practical suggestions for drills to run practices and engage the kids. I was so impressed I will be looking into a summer camp session for my son.
  • I was at the peewee session this morning and it was great. Unfortunately I didn't have time to stay for the second session. I learned so much and wish I would have been able to. As for the session itself it was nice that it was not mandatory - everyone there was eager to learn and it showed in how smooth it ran The impact guys were as you described - top notch professionals. I could only imagine how beneficial being on their camps and training sessions would be. Thanks for putting it all together and making it available to us. I put several of their tips into practice today and got immediate results.
  • Well worth it. Saw a difference in practice. Moved along at a good pace. Thanks for putting it together. I really enjoyed the clinic. I never had formal instruction when I played little league and we used some of the drills yesterday and all of the principles they discussed and I think the practice was better for it. If finances allow, I think having them come out and run a practice or split a practice with two teams on a Sunday, would be beneficial as well. Thanks for thinking outside the box.
  • It was extremely beneficial to have the class and I think its a great thing to do each year for both our new and veteran coaches. I like the fact that it was not just fundamentals but how to work with the kids on a more behavior level.