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Camp always started on time.
The Camp Director helped focus and motivate the campers with a pre-camp speech.
The Camp Director arrived early enough to give us time to set up and prep for my station.
The Camp Director delegated tasks effectively and respectfully.
The Camp Director had a plan for my stations, but also let me contribute my own ideas.
I had the gear I needed to do my job well.
The Camp Director helped train and prepare me for the challenges of working with youth.
Pre-camp training helped me prepare for the challenges of working with youth.
A mid-camp training session would have helped me become an even more effective instructor.
The Camp Director was available to assist me and help me overcome any challenge.
The Camp Director held a post-camp Debrief after every camp session.
Post-camp debriefs helped me improve as an instructor.
The Camp Director fostered a safe work environment.
The Camp Director fostered an enjoyable and fun work culture.