Creating skilled athletes, creating confident youth.

Impact Baseball is dedicated to building skills and creating confidence with our youth in Baltimore. Since 2009, we have impacted over 1,700 athletes through our various camps, clinics, leagues, and lessons. Our experienced team of coaches and mentors works hard to carry out the Impact mission - and to help every single one of our athletes achieve their goals.

What Approach Helps Athletes Most?

With the right approach, sports programs can help your child stay active and healthy, develop the self confidence and work ethic of a top athlete, and hone the social skills they need to thrive in today’s world. That being said, the wrong approach to sports training causes children to miss out on these wonderful benefits, and also has the potential to cripple their self-esteem, burn them out, and disengage them altogether.

Thanks again for all your efforts with Will. It’s really paying off, if only in terms of his confidence. He came home from his workout with you today “stoked.” He said he’d improved his skills more in the past two months than he has in the 7 years he’s played in his recreational league.
— Martha Marani, Friends School Parent
As a mother of an athlete who plays multiple sports and has had a variety of coaching and camp experiences, I highly recommend Impact Sports. Brett Linnenkohl and his team have developed a magic formula that helps children of all ages and abilities develop their fundamental skills in baseball while having a great time!
— Kathy Forbush, Friends School Parent

What Sets us Apart?

The Mechanics

We treat major skills - such as hitting or throwing - as a set of smaller fundamentals. When these more minor skills are learned and performed together effectively, they enable an athlete to excel at more complex movements. For example, a hitter who knows how to swing using their arms but not their legs cannot swing a bat to their full potential; both parts of the skill are necessary for success.

We strongly believe that athletes first must internalize the concept of a skill in order to master it. Once athletes understand why they need a skill, what the final skill looks like, and how its components fit together, they can then master it through repetitions and drill work.

My two sons have attended Impact baseball clinics and customized individual sessions for the past two years. Not only have their skills improved, but their knowledge, confidence and passion have grown.
— Cam Melchiorre, Loyola Parent

The Mindset

Developing skills is not something you do on a weekend. It’s an ongoing process that requires dedication and the mental toughness to keep going despite setbacks.

It’s about committing to a long-term goal and sticking with it through ups and downs. It’s about respecting and being kind to your teammates even when they make mistakes. It’s about the willingness to keep learning even when you feel like you are already on top of your game. And it’s about the confidence that you can overcome any obstacle in your way.

All of this is true in baseball, and it’s true in every other area of life.


Who are our coaches?

Each of our college educated coaches contributes an exceptional set of experiences and skills to the Impact team and helps to develop and enact our unique philosophy.


How do we set our Philosophy in motion?


We strongly believe that encouragement and positivity are far more effective than yelling and demanding. Watch this clip for a glimpse inside the Impact method of training:


In order to learn, kids must be actively engaged and surrounded by positivity. You can’t just demand their attention; that’s simply not how their minds work. You need to earn their attention and make the experience fun so that they will walk away having learned real skills.

We want our athletes to respect us, not to fear us. It’s more effective and it’s more fun.

You guys do an excellent job at Impact of keeping it interesting and instructional while giving the kids a fun workout.
— T. Brett Naylor, Parent

Who are Our Partners?

We partner with many local leagues and organizations to provide the best programming possible to our athletes.

  Impact Baseball is trusted by the MLB, Manny Machado, and the Manny Foundation

Impact Baseball is trusted by the MLB, Manny Machado, and the Manny Foundation


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